Why is the Evora Boat the Perfect Choice for Your Company's New Year's Dinners?

Christmas and New Year's Dinners for Companies in Lisbon: Celebrate in Style on the Barco Évora

With the festive season fast approaching, many companies are looking for the ideal place to hold their end-of-year company dinners. But what if we told you that there is a unique and unforgettable place where you can give your coworkers a festive experience that will remain etched in their memories forever? In this post, we’ll explain why Barco Évora is the ideal option for making corporate Christmas events truly special.

Imagine celebrating the end of a year of hard work on board the Évora Boat, sailing down the picturesque Tagus River with your work colleagues. The Évora offers a unique and versatile atmosphere that can accommodate groups of all sizes. What’s more, personalization is key. You have total control over the itinerary, the entertainment, the menu and the details that will make your event unique.

The stunning backdrop of the Tagus River, with panoramic views of illuminated Lisbon, will make your New Year’s Eve dinner on the Tagus River unforgettable. Capture magical moments with the 25 de Abril Bridge and other iconic landmarks as the backdrop for your celebrations.

As well as a spectacular setting, Barco Évora offers extra services that will make your event even more special. From DJs to live music, party production, personalized meals, an open bar and on-board entertainment, you’ll have everything you need to ensure that your company’s Christmas dinner or end-of-year dinner is a success.

Companies that have already chosen Barco Évora for their Christmas events in Lisbon have success stories to tell. Read the testimonials of other companies who have had memorable experiences and find out why Barco Évora is the perfect choice for your company.

If you want to make your company’s end-of-year dinner on the River Tagus truly special, contact us now and find out how Barco Évora can make your corporate end-of-year celebrations in Lisbon unforgettable.


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