Essential guide for a boat trip on the Tagus River at sunset!

List of things not to miss!

A boat trip in itself is an unforgettable moment, but if it’s on the Tagus River, it’s even better! Can you imagine strolling along the river, seeing Lisbon’s idyllic spots from a new perspective, feeling the sea breeze and watching the sunset from a privileged viewpoint? All that is possible on the Sardinha do Tejo Sunset Experience Tour! All you have to do is buy your tickets on the website,, go to the Ribeira das Naus pier in Cais do Sodré on the day of your choice and board the liveliest catamaran on the river!

We’ve put together a short list of the essentials you shouldn’t miss on the day of your boat trip!

List of essentials:

  • Sunglasses: You don’t want to miss anything because you forgot your sunglasses!
    Light jacket: Even if it’s hot, there tend to be cool breezes on the river and at sea, so you should always pack a jacket, windbreaker or sweater!
    Comfortable shoes: Although the Sardinha do Tejo is a 60-foot catamaran with a large covered seating area and bar, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to lie in the hammocks or stroll around the bow!
    Camera: You won’t be forgiven if you don’t take a camera or space on your cell phone to take pictures to remember later! You can take some amazing pictures on board the Sardinha do Tejo! And afterwards? How would you share them on your networks?

Whether you follow this guide to the letter or not, one thing we can guarantee: You’ll have an unforgettable tour! Enjoy!


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